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  • Drawing


    SKETCHING: Sketching generally means making a sketch from a live scene that usually changes its pose frequently in a few minutes. This is a freehand drawing which dont require a finished work.Sketching can be executed with pen and ink and might include some digital inputs as well viz., ballpoint pen, digital pen, marker, oil paint,etc.

    OIL PAINTING: Process of painting with the medium of pigments using drying oils is generally known as oil painting. Oils used for the purpose of oil painting includes linseed oil, poppy seed oil, safflower oil and walnut oil. The oil painting works on the basic rule of ‘fat over lean’ that means the amount of oil used in one each layer must be more than the layer below in order to allow the proper drying of paints.

    WATER PAINTING: The process of painting with the use of pigments mixed in water based-solutions is referred to as water painting. When described in general word the water painting is any painting where media used is water and that can be applied using brush or sprayer. The paints used for this painting are inks watercolours, temperas and acrylic paints, etc.

    CALLIGRAPHY: A visual art relating to writing is known as calligraphy. This includes the use of a broad tip instrument or writing instrument for executing and designing letters. The commonly used instruments for calligraphy are Quill, Dip pen, Ink brush, Fountain pen and Qalam.