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    The singing lesson at Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya revolves round the commitment of preparing each singing candidate of ours for better of their future prospects and our music classes can encourage be terribly bountied for you. Here at tansen sangeet mahavidyalaya with the proper steerage of our Vocal instructors you’ll realize your right voice and therefore the techniques and skills concerned to become a booming singer is additionally educated here. At tansen sangeet mahavidyalaya .We teach our students the art of Indian classical singing in its original and purest type . The learners WHO are serious to indulge themselves in learning the vocal tradition of Hidustani Shastriya Sangeet are often certain to be a part of North American nation . aside from coaching the Indian Classical

    Singing to our understudies we tend to in addition focus on showing them the renowned sorts of singing, for instance, lightweight ancient sorts of singing that ar Ghazal, Sufi singing, Bollywood Singing , popular music genre . we’ve got extremely experienced gurus . We offer you short term, regular term and extended term courses